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Sound Central Festival 2012

Modern music will be revived and celebrated in Kabul this month!

Author: Sound Central

Sound Central Festival is Afghanistan & Central Asia's first regional rock music festival, as well as Afghanistan's first rock festival since Ahmad Zahir's shows in 1975. Last year’s festival launched in Kabul on October 1, with opening and closing nights in New York.

This year, SCF hopes to make an even bigger splash with show dates on September 26, 27 and 29, with five days of pre-festival sideshows and two days of workshops between international and local musicians.


The festival hopes to build solidarity in a non-partisan, non political , simply musical way. Last year, it helped do this through coverage by music giant Rolling Stone and other publications and TV channels.

In 2011, Kabul’s rockers were joined by musicians from all over Central Asia and beyond. Kabul also hosted workshops by numerous international musicians including Brian Viglione of the American band The Dresden Dolls and Acrassicauda, a band from Iraq.


So far for this year, major international artists and the music industry have shown their support. To date, 52 international bands from all over the world have expressed interest and applied to participate in this years’ festival. Their genres range from rock to metal, jazz to hip-hop, and more!


With the participation of Afghan bands from around the country, SCF12 will hold the main event at the Institute Francais Afghanistan. Special guest artists will help build the experience and create opportunities for cultural exchange. Guest bands will come for one week, and will teach Afghan youth at The Rock Center, as well as participate in the Sound Studies Projects performances at The Venue.


Right now, SCF12/Argus Productions and its sponsors are trying to find funding to cover transportation and accommodation at a comfortable but modestly priced guesthouse or hotel here in Kabul for the guests. And all visiting Afghan bands will receive a modest stipend for meals. All invited artists are strongly encouraged to be proactive in finding sources of funding and instrument donations that can be donated to The Rock Centre at the end of the festival week.


The festival is still sourcing funding for the festival through its crowd funding campaign at


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